The Art of Being A Dad

Written & Illustrated by
Mark Wagner

The Book: The Art of Being a Dad is a highly illustrated and colorfully creative collaboration between a dad and his two small kids. It is also one man's journey as he navigates the colliding worlds of babies and career, co-parenting and being a man, the boundaries and freedom, and the awe, beauty, and exhaustion of Being a Dad.

Women seem to be instinctual when it comes to taking care of babies, but a man has to be creative when it comes to hanging out with his little kids.  With no breasts to use as ammo he must immediately start to think on his feet, trying one thing and then another… “Oh look what’s over here,” or “I wonder where that salamander is today?,” and sooner than later dad and kid settle in and find their way to being connected again, creating a unique bond that will last a life time.

Mark Wagner is unique, not because he is has equally helped in raising two small kids, but because he is a freelance artist and when it was his time to be a dad he was curious, observant, jotted down notes and insights, took photographs, created drawings, and made art with his kids.


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120 Pages, Full Color, hard & soft cover, 7 x 7 in.


The Art of Being a Dad:
• offer ways of being creative and being more connected to your kids
• celebrates dads, and the work they do that often goes unnoticed
• help dads take better care of themselves and everyone else
• help kids and moms understand dads better
• help dads become better parents and partners

The Book Includes:
TOOLBOX:  130 Tips, Tools, and Tricks of the Trade – helpful ideas to being a successful dad.
Being A Dad is ______. 150 memorable moments in the life of a Dad.
• Traditional and Digital Artwork and Photographs by Mark Wagner and his two children.

Who Will Be Interested in the Book:
• Ongoing Holiday Book – Father’s Day, Dad’s Birthdays, Christmas
• With 78% of books being bought by women, The Art of Being a Dad will appeal to new moms who want to buy something for the new dad in the family.
• Growing gay population with two dads (or moms) in the household.
• Parent advocate groups
• Men’s movement
• Children’s Hospitals
• Prison

Another project by Mark Wagner
Past: Guinness World Record
Largest Chalk Drawing
Present: A Global Storybook
Inspiring Art and Creativity in Youth and Communities Around the World

Mark Wagner:


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